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Asset Protection Specialist

Asset Protection Specialists is a full-service security company offering a variety of security related services.  We began in 2001 offering security technologies and investigative services throughout  Michigan. After developing trusted relationships with our clientele, we soon realized that our clients were looking to us with additional security-related needs and questions.

We then began to expand, with the primary goal of becoming a comprehensive security resource for our clientele. In addition we employ and contract with highly skilled professionals who possess years of experience and extensive training in specialties such as forensic accounting, forensic psychology, asset tracing, electronic countermeasures, fraud examination, security services, undercover investigations, surveillance and security technology.

After years of experience, we have fortunately become tightly woven with the top companies who manufacturer access control, CCTV, IT security components and all other security technologies to provide a team of experts from varying fields all working together to address all of your security needs.